Chinese Medicine Brings a New Concept to Cure Thyroid Disease

1. T18 is a gentle herbal medicine in capsule form with obvious curative effect.

2. Solves all thyroid diseases and associated symptoms, including hyperthyroidism, eyes protruding, thyroid enlargement plus nodules, pituitary activeness hypothyroidism, graves disease. 

3. Based on a "Cure root" concept. No contraindication, No known drug interaction, No known side effects. 

4. T18 is manufactured in Hong Kong, officially registered in Singapore as a Chinese Proprietary Medicine. 

5. Certificates Approval Not contains chemical, toxic heavy metal, western drugs. Tests Approved.


HealthGuard T18 (T18) 
Distribution: Outside Hong Kong
Manufactured in: Hong Kong
Registered in: Singapore

Per Treatment Contains: White Ginseng, Hymalayan Teasel Root, Wild Dendrobium Stem, Rx. Salviae Multiouhizae, Herbal Nerviliac, Thunberg Fritillary. 
- Per Treatment Consumption: Basic 2 months.


Thyroid Throu (TT)
Distribution: Order Within Hong Kong
Manufactured in: China PRC
Registered in: Hong Kong


Goiplas Capsules (GCapsules) 

Per treatment contains cordyceps sinensis, chrysanthemum and etc. 240 capsules per packet for concentrated version.

- Extended advanced series of HealthGuard  T18 treatment. 

- Designed for patients with hard and large thyroid goiter and nodule(s). 

- GCapsules treatment can be consumed with HealthGuard T18 before meals.